Heineken Cider Tales

Digital Campaign

Cider Tales is an interactive website that takes you through the process of making cider. Fabric WW was tasked by Heineken to shift the UK perception of Cider being 'Artificial'. Driven by the natural, orchard-grown apples using an age-old process, there are simply no short-cuts in cider making. Focusing on the fact that this process cannot be rushed, we committed to this principle, by taking our audience on a journey  - 'The Story From Pip to Sip' - with no way of being able to jump ahead.

The website is comprised of a film, with overlayed type and motion graphics, echoing the visual storyline. The audience can travel through the interactive site with keyboard controls, scrollbar, and on touch devices. We also added in extra content around the history of cider, flavour combinations and the kinds of apples used in cider. A standee, poster and postcard concepts were created for the internal launch at Heineken, to promote the site. view website


Agency Possible 
Creative Direction Claire Baker 
Design Direction Lauren (Edwards) Pleydell-Pearce
 Joelle Wall, Abbie Daven
Development Will Jutsum, Katherine Osborne, Yuan Phoon